What Makes a Home a Luxury Home?


    In today’s world, the word luxury gets thrown around a lot. You have luxury brands, luxury cars, and luxury products. However, these “luxury” items are becoming very common place. When talking about luxury homes, however, luxury is always means one-of-a-kind, but also means comfort and beauty. What qualities make a home a luxury home?

    Big Open Spaces

    Luxury homes have large spaces that create a feeling of openness. This feeling is sometimes achieved by lofted ceilings and sometimes by open concept floor plans or a mixture of the two. These open spaces create a feeling of grandeur and airiness without going over the top.

    Large Windows with Great Views

    Large windows with great views add to the airiness of a luxury home. Many luxury homes sit on top of a hill overlooking a city or overlooking water such as the ocean or a lake. However, lofts and penthouses can definitely also have these qualities and be considered luxury homes. These large windows bring the outdoors in and make the space feel even bigger.

    Special Extras

    Whether it is electronic window blinds or a grand wine cellar. The beauty of a luxury home is really in the little extras. The office might have some mahogany built-ins with a granite top desk. There might be hobby rooms or luxurious home theaters. There might even be some secret rooms to hide out in. These special extras which are unique to each luxury home are what make them feel like life is a breeze there, which after all is what luxury is really all about.

    Gourmet Kitchens

    For the host or hostess that loves to throw parties or the top-tier chef, luxury homes always have gourmet kitchens that even most cooking shows would be jealous of. With plenty of counter space, gas burners, and large islands for friends and guests to gather around, these kitchens are designed with functionality and beauty in mind.

    Quality Finishes

    Whether it is crown moulding or hickory wood flooring, luxury homes cut no corners. All the paint on the walls is of the highest quality to ensure durability and rich hues. The wood stains match on every piece in every room of the house. The doors are solid core rather than hollow core. No finish is overlooked to make it a luxury house rather than a run-of-the-mill one.

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