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    Two Ways Technology Impacts Luxury Marketing For California Real Estate

    Luxury Marketing

    This week’s news has been a bit busy and, in and amidst all the hubbub, we have found two ways technology is taking real estate luxury marketing to a new level.

    Years ago, real estate agents listed properties for sale in newspapers or other local periodicals. Buyers often found properties for sale by driving through neighborhoods in which they were interested searching for “For Sale” signs.

    The advent of the Internet brought new ways to promote homes for sale. Real estate agents posted photographs on their Websites along with all the information regarding the property. People in the market for a new home spent Sunday mornings watching locally produced TV programs that offered tours of available properties, interviews with homebuilders, and times for that day’s open houses.

    Today’s luxury home selling-and-buying trade deploys increasingly high-tech and digitally enhanced tools, including — of all things — drones. Drones equipped with HD cameras, geographic information system mapping, and sophisticated 3-D imaging provide the sophisticated high-end buyer with images of a home and property from multiple angles, all streamed to their computer or mobile device. Mike Swan, managing broker and owner of the Swan Land Co. in Bozeman, Mont., explains that “Extensive details on a property — including satellite mapping — can now be provided at once, streamlining the process.”  Cameras can now create 3-D virtual tours using proprietary software and hardware to produce a view of the home by recording and measuring the rooms.

    Also, using real estate apps, such as Zillow or Trulia, gives buyers the option of reviewing real estate listing at any time from any where on any device. Using defined search criteria, buyers can have potential listings pushed to their smartphone or other device, enabling them to only see properties that will meet their needs. The search criteria buyers use includes information such as how many bedrooms or bathrooms they need, the neighborhood where they want to live, or a specific school district. Some apps offer agents the ability to live chat with potential buyers, while still others provide digital real estate transactions and closings.

    Contact Us to learn more about how these new technological advancements can help you to buy or sell your home.

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