Staging: High End Home Sellers’ Secret Weapon

    High End Home Sellers

    Staged homes sell faster than empty homes. Why? Because a staged home provides potential buyers with a complete vision of how your home can meet their buying needs. Once you’ve decided to sell your luxury home, zero in on your target buyers with a clean, upscale interior that will resonate with the high-end home buyer.

    1. Staging pros see more clearly. When we’ve lived in a space for any amount of time, it becomes difficult to see our home objectively, and to prepare the interior for sale. A professional stager will zero in on the best way to showcase your home’s architecture, and will recommend the best color scheme, furnishings and accessories for your luxury home.

    2. Light and neutrals photograph better. High-end real estate marketing relies heavily on professional photography. Use a color scheme that will look great in photos. Painting the walls white or neutral makes the space look new and modern. It’s also a good idea to use higher wattage bulbs in all of your fixtures. Bright rooms look fresh and airy.

    3. The right furniture makes the space. Luxury homes have large, open spaces that when empty can look small and awkward. Furnishing to scale will give prospective home buyers a clear picture of your home’s floor plan and traffic patterns, and maximize the space. Use furnishings with neutral colors and clean lines, accented with sensible pops of color. Arrange furniture symmetrically, accentuating the architecture of each room.

    4. Accessories and art tie it all together. Every item used in staging your luxury home has one purpose: to attract buyers. Lamps, rugs, window treatments, art and other accessories complete the final look through color, size and ability to showcase the architecture of the space. Use art and accessories that look opulent, and work with the scale and décor of each room. Select rugs that anchor furniture groupings. Use window treatments that enhance the view.

    Think of staging not as an expense, but as an investment to maximize your sale price. Ask your real estate professionals at The Feldman Group for a list of professional stagers that they trust to help you stage your luxury home.

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