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    Reduce Home-Buying Regrets and Anxiety with The Feldman Group

    A new survey by Zillow and Care.com shows more than half of parents cried at least once during the home-buying and moving process. An article by marketwatch.com points out 50 percent of parents fought with a partner one to two times a week during a home search and family move. Realtors with The Feldman Group work hard to reduce stress and anxiety when working with clients in Orange County, California. On the positive side of the survey, 90 percent of parents feel happier owning their own home. Stress and anxiety occurs as part of the home-buying process, but an experienced real estate team will minimize your stress by handling all the negotiations and legwork. Still, there are a few things you can do when house hunting to avoid buyer’s regret and please most people in your family.

    Identify the family deal-breakers

    Although they aren’t paying the mortgage, your children need to feel comfortable with the Orange County home as well as the neighborhood. If your children are too young to know what they want in a home, they at least know they want to spend time with their parents. The survey showed the top home-buying regret was commute time. If the home you buy causes you to spend more time away from home, it could be a deal-breaker for your children. Other deal-breakers that people didn’t identify until after they bought a home included needing a playroom, a large yard and finished basement.

    Bring your children along

    Although some real estate professionals discourage you to leave the children at home, members of The Feldman Group want you to bring your children to tour what will also be their new home. The survey revealed 86 percent of real estate agents worked with clients who ended a home tour because of a child’s outburst or disruption. By working with an experienced and patient Realtor, you will get all the time your family needs to visit homes. You can also show your children online virtual tours of homes if they are old enough to understand.

    Another tip for reducing the stress you feel when searching for a family home is to enlist help with the packing, moving and unpacking. Sixty-six percent of people wished they had hired someone to help them with the packing and unpacking, while one-third said unpacking caused the most anxiety. Also, set a realistic budget to avoid arguments about expenses. Ask your Realtor what they know about the neighborhood whether you are moving to Nellie Gail Ranch, Newport Coast, San Clemente, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach or Laguna Beach.

    The Feldman Group works hard to help families with the home-buying process so they become loyal clients. For more information on Orange County California real estate that’s perfect for your family, please contact us.

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