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    Madrid Del Lago Homes Offer Orange County Buyers a Taste of SoCal Charm

    Situated in Orange County’s Saddleback Valley is the charming, master-planned community of Mission Viejo. It sits on age-old land once under Spanish rule. In the early years, residents used the land for cattle rearing and agricultural pursuits but that all changed in the 1960s. In later years, it developed into a large tract of luxurious, Madrid Del Lago homes complete with more than 40 different schools nearby.

    The people who live there tend to be highly respected, business professionals in their 40s with median household incomes in excess of $100,000. Many have owned their Madrid Del Lago homes for more than five years and often boast property values in excess of $500,000. And with the fantastic views of both Saddleback Mountain and Lake Mission Viejo, it’s no wonder that countless property owners choose to stay in their Madrid Del Lago homes for many years.

    The 124-acre, man-made lake has been a part of the region since the 1970s and as for the Saddleback Mountains; they’ve been part of the famed Santa Anas for centuries. Together, they help provide Madrid Del Lago homeowners with fantastic opportunities to enjoy year round, outdoor diversions like open air concerts, hiking and boating. And afterward, there is time to revel in all that comes from owning a Madrid Del Lago home.  Please contact us at The Feldman Group today for listing a home or buying a home in Madrid Del Lago.

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