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    Luxury Home Sellers: The Resale Value of Landscaping

    When you are a luxury home seller, curb appeal matters. But some home sellers take landscaping to the next level. Creating an elaborate landscaping design that looks high maintenance isn’t a strong selling point with many buyers who aren’t interested in gardening. According to an article by massrealestatebuzz.com, vast gardens and elaborate gardens make the top 10 list of potential buyer turn-offs. Time-strapped first-time buyers who, for example, are busy with their lives in the military don’t want to spend their weekends watering and weeding. The good news is, you can easily turn your Orange County, California yard into a beautiful oasis that draws buyers instead of repelling them.

    • Getting an exceptional return on your money

    With landscaping, the trick is to improve your yard but make it look low maintenance. According to a piece by The Washington Post, sellers should invest 10 percent of the listing price in landscaping as a general guideline. In some cases, the return on your money is astounding. The Washington Post points out it’s difficult to tell what kind of ROI you will get when landscaping, but some say the return is as high as 100 to 1,000.

    • Improving the curb appeal

    To sell a house in the California market, curb appeal is important. Landscape the front yard before worrying about the side yard. Experts recommend adding color with perennial flowers, removing weeds and improving the lawn. Add hanging flower baskets and potted plants near the entryway. Keep the lawn mowed.

    • Focusing on easy, breezy care

    Some ways to improve your landscape without making it seem like too much work is include adding water features such as a fish pond or bubbling fountain. Replace part of lawn with golden gravel and ornamental grass. Raised vegetable beds as well as gravel and flagstone paths add a more formal look. When landscaping, use landscape fabric to keep the area free of weeds.

    At The Feldman Group, we help people who want to sell their luxury homes in Orange County. We can help you figure out the best way to improve your curb appeal and landscape before you sell. For help buying or selling a home in San Clemente, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, Newport Coast or Nellie Gail Ranch, please contact us.

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