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    Are You Fantasizing About Sunny California? Orange County is the Fantasy

    Orange County

    There’s a certain aura surrounding the very idea of California. Those snow-bound East Coasters searching for a different place to live really only have two choices: Palm Beach or California. California nearly always wins due to that aura. It’s not the stars living there, nor the lure of the ocean; Easterners can get that in many states. It’s about cachet. It’s about your own personal world. That’s something special that can’t be found just anywhere, even along a coastline. Situated on the southern-most coast of the state, Orange County has it all: mountains, prairies and of course water. What’s your fantasy?


    If you dream of warm Mediterranean breezes, a 12-month spring or summer and doing away with the heater, then we have just the place for you. The Spanish-flavored architecture, palm trees and other flora as well as the ancient aura of San Juan Capistrano will suit you perfectly. The gated communities, stunningly landscaped homes and the luxurious homes themselves will convince you that you’ve found your fantasy. Here you will walk along scenic walks, taking in the flower bedecked hills, water views and natural rock formations. Here you will enjoy the small-town ambiance but know you are just miles away from fine dining, world-class shopping and entertainment.


    If you’re not in line for the most prestigious address ever, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, then a Newport Beach address makes a fine second choice. Beverly Hills has nothing on Newport Beach, much to its chagrin. One point four million is the beginning point here for opulence and grandeur. Aside from the address, you will never see the colors of nature like you will see them here. View them from the largest marina in the country, in which your yacht will be docked. Watch waves crash against the shore, the spume rising almost as high as the deck of your waterfront home. Share the view with friends, watch for whales, go for a dinner cruise or Easter cruise, check out the art festivals, film festivals and make sure you enter the yacht race. Sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue can’t touch this.


    Can’t get gold rushes, horse ranches and wide open spaces out of your mind? We gotcha covered. Coto de Caza means game preserve in Spanish. California was the pioneer of planned communities complete with schools, shopping, churches, dining, entertainment and all that is needed inside a guarded gated community. The small-town or village aura accompanying the planned community was part of the idea. The Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park, complete with wildlife as well as stunning flora in addition to two major golf courses provide part of the wide open spaces you seek. The backdrop of the mountains and plains beneath them are provided by Mother Nature. Architecture here ranges from modern to Spanish and everything in between, all of them quite large.

    The Feldman Group has its own aura. Our finger is on the pulse of OC, our associates stand ready to show properties seven days a week, work around your schedule and give you access to foreclosures and short sales. There’s no obligation when you contact us, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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